Ozark Trail Tumbler Reviews 2020 [Explained By Experts]

Ozark Trail Tumbler Reviews 2020 - [Comparison Table]

In a high tech age, there are advanced options for almost every product. There is almost nothing that is left unsolved due to the detailed quality dominating most products. Coffee being the most consumed beverage, at this present time and age, there are better solutions that handle its consumption. In this case, we are talking about coffee storage and not just any storage. Since we need to take coffee at the best temperature while still hot and fresh a tumbler that meets our expectations is all we could ask for. This article offers you reviews of the best Ozark Trail Tumbler on the shelf.

It's a relief that traveling or working without taking fresh and tasty coffee is no longer a problem. Besides holding hot coffee for up to 6hours, icy drinks can also stay chilly for up to 12 hours It is obvious that you will need to take breaks within the week where you will need to carry another drink besides coffee. Good thing that your tumbler will not limit you; use it to carry any drink. With a refreshing taste of coffee, tea or any other soft drink I am sure that your day could never go wrong.

Ozark Trail -3- Cheap Tumbler Accessories

Ozark Trail Tumbler Reviews

Temperature Retention

The Ozark tumbler can potentially keep hot drinks hot for four to five hours. Cold drinks are no exception; they stay cold for up to 12 hours. It's amazing how the ice hardly melts during the storage period. It maintains your drinks at the right temperature for a period longer than you need


The Ozark Tumbler is made from stainless steel; a material that has great benefits to the user. This is the best option when it comes to keeping your drinks hot or cold for expended hours. Unlike most cups in your office or home, you can sip coffee from your cup even after leaving it. Furthermore, stainless steel does not break it only disfigures and when it does, it's maybe after being subjected to extreme pressure. Stainless steel is immune to rust under all conditions. The list is endless but just to add one last thing; stainless steel does not affect the coffee flavor.


Ozark Trail Tumbler I believe among the rare brands that have the temerity to offer their customers with life insurance. This is a display of unraveled confidence in their products which directly translates to customer satisfaction and a long-lasting impression.

Top 5 Ozark Trail Tumbler Reviews

1. Ozark Trail 20-ounce Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Tumbler.

Ozark Trail 20-ounce Double


  • It's made from high-grade stainless steel.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Has zero condensation on the tumbler surface.
  • Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.
  • Easy to carry anywhere you, please.


  • The tumbler does not have a cover top for the hole.

A tight twist on the lid- the lid is easy to twist on the thin mouth lining that helps you to sip your drink without spilling. The only problem is that the hole on the lid does not have a cover top making it easy for a drink to leak after a slanted cup position.

Durable material- It's made from high grade double-walled stainless steel building toughness and persistence in the tumbler.

Prolonged Temperature retention- it assures you with the comfort of knowing that during all your work hours you are sure to stay refreshed and in good shape. Your cold drinks will stay cold even under the hot sun and afterward at night; how nice. Knock out dehydration in the best way. Your hot drink could stay warm for up to 5 hours; you can sip it through the whole period with breaks in between.

Zero Condensation- the cool or hot air from the drink will not affect the condition of the tumbler. You might slightly feel the temperature of your drink for the first few minutes. However, the mist does not form on the outer side of the cup.

Lightweight- This makes it easy for you to carry the tumbler around for most of your day whether in your standstill bag or car.

2. Set of 2 Ozark Trail 20-ounce Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Tumbler. 

Set of 2 Ozark Trail 20-Ounce Double


  • The tumbler has double-walled stainless steel making it durable.
  • The vacuum seal maintains drink temperature.
  • You can use it for all indoor and some of the outdoor activities.
  • Your palms cannot get cold or hot from the drink temperature.
  • It makes a perfect gift for two lovers of coffee.


  • The hole on the lid does not have a cover top causing spilling in rocky situations.

Versatility- You can find it from sizes running from 12 ounces to 30 ounces with a range of different colors and you can use it for any drink; soak, soft, foamy and plain.

Double-walled design- This helps to maintain the drink temperature, prevent condensation and improve the drink durability.

Vacuum Seal- This helps to keep the drink unaffected by external conditions, therefore, maintaining its initial temperature for extended periods.

Thin lining- If you do not prefer using the hole in the lid, you can comfortably drink from the cup since it has a thin mouth lining.

Lifetime Warranty- this simply means that Ozark Trail has got your back in all situations with 24-hour customer service and a 30-day replacement possibility. It's practical since stainless steel hardly breaks or rust for that matter.

Personalization- since it's a set of two; this could be a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your parents or a married couple. To add on to the color and bliss you can add on custom designs to them to seem gracefully intentional.

3. Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Powder Coated Stainless Steel.

Ozark Trail Vacuum


  • A perfect power generating motor that provides ample power for cutting
  • Has a higher cutting depth of up to 8.85 inches
  • Adjusting the tension of the blade is so easy
  • Eliminates the need for using the ancient workbenches
  • Has ball bearings for efficient blade functionality and longevity


  • The drinking hole in the lid has no closing tab making the drink to spill.

Slim bottom structure- this is well thought and considerate for easy holding at the bottom. Because of this, your cup will not lose grip and fall off causing coffee spillage.

Durable make- The stainless steel is upscale, eco-friendly and rust-free making it durable and bound to withstand the passage of time.

Extended temperature retention- you do not need a hot plate to keep your coffee steaming hot within the early hours of the day. The Ozark Trail tumbler has done the math for you all you have to do is include it in your kitchen utensils and carry it to wherever you please.

Additional Features- The lid has a spatter lock to tighten it to the tumbler and is also dishwasher safe.

4. Ozark Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Tumblers.

Ozark Double


  • Has a vacuum seal for drink temperature maintenance.
  • It is built with high grade approved stainless steel; it is durable.
  • Works great for cold and hot beverages.
  • Easy to carry to most indoor and outdoor activities.
  • It has a large drink capacity that can last you through the day.


  • The drinking hole does not have a cover seal to prevent accidental leaking.

Rustproof material- this is an assurance of high quality and value for the tumbler. Meaning that the cup will last longer than you expect; they make is indestructible.

Double-walled structure- The double wall helps the drink to stay in perfect temperature conditions. This is also ideal to prevent sweat formation on the cup surface so you can hold it freely at all times.

Good for cold and hot drinks- icy or hot coffee is bound to stay at the right temperature for as long as you need them to.

Easy to carry- you would think that because it's made from double-walled stainless steel, the weight would be much to handle. Well, the truth is that the cup is light in weight therefore easy to carry and hold.

A perfect gift pack- since it's a set of two; you could upgrade your coffee tumblers with the Ozark Trail and even give away the extra one as a gift.

5. RTIC Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler.

RTIC 191


  • The tumbler is discoloring and rustproof keeping it in good shape.
  • It's good to hold hot or cold drinks at the right temperature.
  • It's light in weight therefore easy to carry around.
  • It has a narrow bottom for practical handling.
  • The lid is splash and spill-proof.


  • It cannot stay under direct sunlight for long hours; it could alter the drink temperature.

Insulated double wall- you drink is cupped compactly against external weather impact. It's easy for you to take your drink at the temperature you love. Your hands will also barely feel hot or cold.

Narrow bottom design- the tumbler has a narrow bottom for easy holding while drinking or carrying it by hand. It's also to make it fit in the car's cup holder.

Durable structure- Do not worry about the number of times your cup trips over, falls or hits a hard surface. Stainless steel is popular for high value whenever durability is in question.

Lightweight- the tumbler is light in weight to the extent where it can be carried in your jacket pockets if you are going for a jog on the sidewalk.

Buying Guide.

The market is flooded with many coffee mugs; diner and restaurant, travel and tumbler, campers, bistro, and classic C handle mugs. Before buying a journey and tumbler or any other coffee mug for that matter, there are certain considerations you should make.


Most travel tumblers are available in the market as either plastic or stainless steel.

Ceramic- they display beauty and elegance however tend to break easily. It is budget-friendly but it's not a suggestion for anyone who does not take care.

Plastic- this is a popular option for anyone interested in low prices, color variety, and different designs. I would not recommend plastic travel tumblers for putting hot drinks since they do not retain temperature for long hours. But it's a good choice for at-home and cold drinks.

Stainless Steel- this is a material that is durable, eco-friendly and temperature retentive, all at the same time. It is the best when it comes to travel tumblers since hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold in them for extended hours.


An expensive tumbler is not necessarily upscale or high value and the same case applies to low priced cups. Low prices do not indicate low quality. You can choose to get one that fits within your budget and has a commendable performance.

Lid styles and features

  • The common lid styles used for travel tumblers are;
  • Press-on: They are mostly used on ceramic travel mugs and are not good with spillage.
  • Twist-on: They are used for plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic travel mugs. Your drink can spill over when you overturn the cup.
  • Push-on: many of these have a slide-lock drink opening to avoid spillage and the push functionality is easy to use.
  • Thumb-slide: this is the perfect design for leakage prevention.
  • Push-button auto-seal: it is also effective in avoiding leakage and retaining temperature.

Customer Ratings

Most Ozark Trail Tumblers have earned the title "same as Yeti but better priced". I would be lying if I said that Yeti Rambler and Ozark Tumbler are not the same because for many reasons they appear the same. People love Ozark Trail because of the cheaper price tag; it is three times lower than that of Yeti. I would not know why Yetis are expensive but they function similarly except for Ozark not being dishwasher safe. Ozark has earned over 4 out of 5 ratings in every product they have marketed. Besides being cheap, the quality is also excellent considering that it can maintain the temperature of cold and hot drinks.

Customers that have used it recommend buying a handle separately from sellers in that dealing. A handle is bound to help with the cup usage while drinking and holding. Another thing is that the lid has a slit opening that is susceptible to spilling especially during vigorous activities. It is better not to carry it along during jogging or hiking unless you have a replacement lid that is more practical in those situations. This is a travel tumbler made for use at home, office, school, official or casual meetings, and even camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Yeti and Ozark Trail made in the same factory?

A:  they are. Particularly the RTIC Ozark cup and Yeti that is made in the same factory found in China. Yeti is designed in Austin by a Texas-based manufacturer that specializes in outdoor products and then manufactured in China. They also make soft cooler, ice sheets, and other related items. Ozark Trail Tumbler is a Wal-Mart brand name and is also made in China. Yeti and Ozark are similar in several ways mostly regarding performance shape and weight.

Q: Can you put Ozark Trail Tumbler in a refrigerator?

A:  you can but not in the freezer since the vacuum interior walls may lose effectiveness. However, this is not recommendable to all stainless steel tumbler users. I know that most manufacturers of refrigerators encourage plastic storage of food in the fridge or freezer. Stainless steel is not their top pick so it's better to go by the rules. After all, I do not find it necessary to put a cold drink in the refrigerator since that's the whole point the Ozark Trail is trying to make. It is capable of keeping cold drinks icy and chilly for up to 12 hours; this is close to the whole time you are awake.

Q: Are Ozark Trail stainless steel tumblers dishwasher safe?

A: Unfortunately, they are not. However, I do not think these reasons enough for you to dismiss the Ozark Trail. As long as it has great performance and quality, I believe you can stick with it. There will not be much of a difference if you are used to washing other utensils over a utility sink. If you no longer use sinks, a foamy sponge and clean water will do the washing task for you perfectly. I know this is an area that the Yeti Rambler seems to take on an upper hand over the Ozark Tumbler. But again the coverage on Ozarks other areas is nothing less than excellent.

Q: Are Ozark Trail tumblers microwave safe?

A: We do not recommend that you out your stainless steel tumbler into your microwave. This is because stainless steel is a potential resistor to wave heating therefore no heat will pass through your cup. This resistance will cause pressure to build up within the air spaces and damage your microwave. To put it simply stainless steel and microwaves are not the best of friends. Prolonged periods of stainless steel exposure to the heat might result in tumbler fire. This move will either damage your tumbler or microwave.

Q: How can you tell a fake Yeti from a real Yeti?

A: Yetis are known to be the forerunners in this field, therefore, carrying a name and solid reputation over the years. Owning a Yeti rambler is a status symbol. Even with the completion they still hold on to their value addition in drink consumption. I won't say that you will recognize a fake Yeti from a real one at first sight. This is something that will gain clarity once you get to use one. Sorry if you go through the trouble. For one Yeti ramblers are dishwasher safe, bear an exclusive logo- you can look up online, costs three times an Ozark tumbler and has similar weight and shape to Ozark tumbler. Another thing is that the color of a Yeti is clear white.

Final Verdict and Recommendation.

I believe that you have found what you are looking for in this article. There will be no more bad breaks when it comes to taking any drink within the day. Ozark Trail Tumbler offers everything beyond quality, value, and performance. A place where you will experience a taste of freshness in every sip. On top of that, the cost relates friendlily to all people.

Although it is not the refrigerator, microwave or dishwasher safe, this does not bear enough magnitude to a point where you turn down the possibility of owning one. It is nice to know that you can count on Ozark trail tumbler to give you the best service.

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